silverton evangelical church

A bit of history

The Church was established in the late 1930s when mission hutit first met near Bickleigh and was largely made up of farming families. As the church grew it was decided to move to Silverton itself and a 'tin tabernacle' was built on what is now Hederman Close.  It was known then as Silverton Mission Hut.  It then moved to a pre-fabricated building on its present site on School Road.

Front of buildingThe church continued to grow and in 1955 a more permanent building was opened on the present site. The photo above shows the opening of the 
Brethren Gospel Hall on 22 July 1955.
  In 1989 we added a substantial extension, providing toilets, kitchen and hall and the church was renamed Silverton Evangelical Church.  A further extension has been added since.

We are a growing church and always welcome people who want to know 
more of God's love in their lives. Over the years it has been a joy and a 
privilege to witness people turning to God in repentance and faith, being 
baptised, becoming members of the church and then using their God-given 
gifts for the benefit of the whole church community.