Silverton Evangelical Church

Silverton Evangelical Church


We're delighted to be able to reopen church for services from 6th September.

  • For a letter explaining how we intend to do this, please click here
  • For the essential guidelines we must all follow, please click here
  • For a copy of our Risk Assessment, please click here

Hello and Welcome!

We're still meeting! And we'd love you to join us! Every Sunday you can join our online service by clicking on the 'church online' page above. Come at 10.30am so we can worship and learn together at the same time. Of course, we look forward to a time when we can all meet together once again (please see letter above). For now let's meet online and remember Jesus' promise: 'Surely I am with you to the end of the age'.

If you're not a Christian but you're curious enough to drop in on this page - you're very welcome!

Click here for some ideas on  how you can explore Christianity for yourself


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