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Learn how to pray


OK, OK, so you're not religious. But you do feel it's time you knew how to pray.

Don't feel embarrassed; everybody prays at times, even if they say they don't. But not everybody knows how the Bible says you should do it. We're going to answer five questions people often ask (or are too shy to ask!) and we hope that will get you started. But if you'd like somebody to pray with you, or answer any further questions on the subject - just get in touch.

How are you supposed to pray?

Whose prayers does God listen to?

Does praying actually work? Can you prove it?

Why do we have to pray if God already knows what we need anyway?

What can block my prayers and prevent God hearing me?

the prayer option

After you've had a look at these questions, and got some basic understanding of the nuts and bolts, we've also put together a Quick Start Guide which gives you a practical way to begin, straight out of the box. But if you prefer, you can go straight there and leave the questions till later - it's up to you!

You can skip the questions if you prefer and just start here