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"There are lots of spiritual paths, not just one"


our take on it

Aren't there lots of spiritual paths, apart from Christianity?


Well, three points come straight to mind.

 buddha statue

 There can be good things in many different paths. Being a Christian doesn't mean you have to rubbish everybody else's religion. Gandhi was a great man. The Dalai Lama has a lot of valuable things to say.  The Bible says that  every human has a thirst for God, and is made in God's image, so it's not surprising if the unceasing human quest for truth and spiritual reality has thrown up some good answers in lots of different places.

 But that doesn't mean that every path is right... When you look at the claims different religious traditions make about ultimate reality - they all disagree with one another. Is there one God or are there many? Do we live once or do we reincarnate again and again? What is the point of life? How did it all begin and where will it end? Does God judge our lives, and if so what is the judgment based on? There are so many disagreements, it's impossible just to say comfortably, "Oh, they're all right, and they all lead to God..."

 different paths

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 ... And it doesn't mean that every path is complete. The earliest Christians lived in a Roman world full of competing faith-claims, just like ours. And they claimed that there were big things missing from every other faith, which made them ineffective (mataioi was the Greek word they used). None of them could lead you directly to God, since none of them had any answer to the basic problem: that we're separated from God by our sinfulness, which needs to be forgiven. They claimed that Jesus makes all the difference - a religious leader who not only points us to God but takes us to him.

IS THIS A FULL ANSWER?  Of course it isn't. It's just a bunch of provocative points
to get you thinking - and arguing. If you want to carry on the conversation, just get in touch!



A few questions to mull over. Take your time.





1.  BeThinking has a whole section of their website devoted to helping you compare Christianity to other religions, faith systems and philosophies. Dip in here and have a look at what interests you. There will be plenty!

bethinking website


2. Steven Bancarz was the founder of , an extremely popular New Age website. He was making a lof of money from it. So why is he now a Christian? This video tells his story. 


steven bancarz


3. The Salvation Army are known all over the world for their compassionate work with people of every kind and description. But it's all based on the firm conviction that Jesus Christ is the solid rock at the base of their activity, and no other religion will do. This little cartoon presentation, "What Makes Christianity Different from Other Religions?" takes just four minutes to explain why.

salvation army cartoon

 4. Mohamed Faridi was prepared to be a martyr for Islam when he joined the Iranian army and fought for his country. He couldn't have been more devoted - yet now he's paid an enormous personal cost to become a Christian. Why? His YouTube video explains.  

mohammed faridi

your next move?