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"You can't be sure you're going to heaven anyway"


our take on it

 Is it possible to know if God will accept you into heaven?


We'd point out just three things..

The Bible says it's possible for us all

 1. The Bible says you can The New Testament is full of statements about it. "We know we have passed from death to life..." "I know the one I have believed..." "We know that we belong to God..." In a world of hopes, dreams, fears and maybes, the Christian message is all about assurance and certainty. Anything less just isn't the Christian hope!

 2. Christianity isn't about waiting and hoping - but going through life hand in hand with Jesus, now  The great poet Alfred Lord Tennyson once wrote, "We have but faith; we cannot know/For knowledge is of things we see." That's not what the Bible claims. Christian faith is a relationship right now with a God who keeps becoming more and more real, as a Father and a friend, day by day. Christians are "born again" - "an old life has passed away; a new life has come; and all this is done by God", says the Bible. We don't have to wait until Judgment Day to get our results and see if we've made it!

 Holding your father's hand

 The cross is where the whole deal starts

 3. It doesn't depend on how you're doing, but on what he already did  The biggest mistake millions of people make is to think, "If I live a good enough life, God will be pleased with me." None of us can live a good enough life! So if it was up to us, none of us would get into heaven. "There is none righteous, no - not one," says the Bible. However, because Jesus died on the cross to make our forgiveness possible, we can be released from the prison of sin and guilt, and be welcomed back into God's family. It's amazing. But it's true!

IS THIS A FULL ANSWER?  Of course it isn't. It's just a bunch of provocative points
to get you thinking - and arguing. If you want to carry on the conversation, just get in touch!



A few questions to mull over. Take your time.




1. "Two Ways to Live" is a video presentation from Australia which shows you with a few rapid sketches what it means to come to God and know for sure where you stand with him.

Two ways to live movie


2. This presentation, "Would you like to know God personally?", covers the same ground - except it has four points, not six, and it's written rather than spoken, so you get a bit longer to absorb it.

Would you like to know God personally


3. "What is a Christian?" is a simple page which tries to make the basic deal as simple and lucid as it possibly can.  (But it also fills in much more important information than the two pages recommended above.)

What is a Christian?

 4. "Can I know God personally?" In this well-crafted and beautifully shot video, a whole bunch of thoughtful, honest people share openly what it feels like for them to encounter the reality of God day by day. 

Can I know God personally

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