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Below is the recent talk from Jeremy Marshall

We really miss meeting together as a whole church family!

Since 6th September, some people have been able to meet back in the building. Because numbers are limited and some will choose not to return yet, we are continuing to post a service on our website each week. This will be very similar to what those in church are experiencing.


Each week there will be a 'virtual service' here from 10.30am each Sunday morning - it will remain here for the rest of the week, so you can come back to it whenever you wish.  But we do recommend that you come here at 10.30am each Sunday if you can...Then we'll all be worshiping and learning together, even if not in the same room!  After the service, many people join our virtual coffee time on zoom where we can catch up and share together. There is also a discussion forum at the bottom of the Sunday Service page.

If you're not a Christian but you're curious enough to drop in on this page - you're very welcome!  We have some ideas about how you can explore Christianity for yourself while you're here.

Please click here  for our latest service